Casio made a Pac-Man watch based on a reissue of a classic timepiece

Do you fancy expressing your love for video games but can’t come close to throwing down $2,150 for Tag Heuer’s new Super Mario-themed Android smartwatch? Fret not, as Casio has you covered with a new watch based on a timeless classic.

The Japanese electronics maker has announced a new collaboration with Bandai Namco that pays homage to one of the most well-known games of all time: Pac-Man.

The A100WEPC is a retro-themed watch that is based on the recent reissue of the F-100 digital watch. That timepiece was originally released in 1978 with advanced functionality (for the time) including a digital alarm, a stopwatch and calendar functionality. It was also famously featured in the movie Alien a year later.

The new A100WEPC retains the same four-button front layout, but adds Pac-man branding throughout. The watch face features a colorful rendition of Pac-Man and those pesky ghosts, and the “Illuminator” logo is also done up in the Pac-Man font. The top watch band shows Pac-Man being chased by ghosts, while the bottom band features the reverse scene with Pac-Man doing the hunting. There’s even a neat scene etched on the back of the watch case.

Unfortunately, Casio made no mention of pricing or a potential launch date for its Pac-Man watch, but surely it’ll be significantly more affordable than the aforementioned Tag Heuer Super Mario watch.